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Anne Arundel

Kathryn Gonzales - Vice President, Brodie Management, Inc

Dear Mr. Gummel

I would like to take just a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the efficient and timely performance of your employees in completing a job at one of my communities.  This project needed special attention due to the amount of stree created by a flood which occurred in a homeowner's unit.  Your staff was dependable and courteous in their services, timely in their frame of completion of the project and professional in dealing with the management team and the unit owner.

Pamela Zimmerman

Since we used oil based paint on the wood, Rob was professional enough to offer to touch up if necessary once it dried (if there were streaks). That was very important to me as a consumer.


Mr. Villeges was a perfect gentleman and friend. I would recommend him for any job, position, or responsibility! Thank you