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Kathryn Gonzales - Vice President, Brodie Management, Inc

Dear Mr. Gummel

I would like to take just a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the efficient and timely performance of your employees in completing a job at one of my communities.  This project needed special attention due to the amount of stree created by a flood which occurred in a homeowner's unit.  Your staff was dependable and courteous in their services, timely in their frame of completion of the project and professional in dealing with the management team and the unit owner.

John Jenkins - President, Excalibur Condo Association

This ia a letter of recommendation supporting the use of The Painting Company, represented by Mr. Brian Gummel, for competitive bidding projects involving paint applications.

He has been retained by me and Directors of the Excalibur Conominium on several occasions.  His quotes based on "scope of work", have been professional, submitted in a timely manner, and cost effective.  His company has performed as required, completed all of the projects on time, and most important, left the site in a clean and orderly fashion.